Jeff Skoll

Co-Founder, Ebay

In 1997, when eBay was a small startup in San Jose, I was lucky enough to be introduced to Alysa Binder and Interlink Recruiting.

Alysa quickly grasped the eBay vision, and through her network of talented people in the Valley, was able to provide us with stellar candidates.

Partnering with Interlink Recruiting was an integral part of our success. At the time of our IPO, approximately one third of our team were people recommended by Alysa. Her ability to share the vision, and find the right talent was a real contribution to eBay’s success.

Many ingredients go into making a startup successful. Finding the right people is one of the most important. eBay’s success is a testament to Interlink Recruiting’s ability to find those people.

Robert Tomkinson

VP of Digital Marketing, Yelp

Alysa is truly a pleasure to work with. She recruited all of my key hires at Ingenio in 2014-2015. In particular, I was impressed by: 1) her insistence on getting a really clear understanding of the role, and refining the search to achieve that. As a result, we hired some A players in a tough market. 2) Far from pushing us to hire warm bodies too fast, she was always challenging me, and not letting me settle for less than “A”. This helped avoid costly mistakes, and was very confidence inspiring. 3) Proactive support during and AFTER the hiring process. She would nudge me and my colleagues persistently (but pleasantly and professionally) to keep the process moving, and set realistic expectations. She would also form such a strong connection with our new hires that she also helped them settle in and provided a comforting, trusted go-between to help us identify and address people-issues, sometimes long after a hire was onboarded. 4) Always smiling and positive. I will gladly work with Alysa in future, and would be happy to provide a reference.

Lara Druyan

Former General Partner, Allegis Capital

Investor in Residence, US Venture Partners

I had the pleasure of being recruited by Interlink Recruiting for one of their Internet startup companies. This started a long term business and personal friendship. Having had the opportunity to work with Alysa and Dan, I can say that I have a profound confidence in their abilities to work well with candidates and companies. Their keen sense of the hi-tech industry is second to none and their ability to ascertain both the company’s needs and the candidate’s abilities is uncanny. Additionally, not only are they a great source for candidates, but their advice and counsel comes with the relationship, and therefore I consider Interlink to be a great asset for any company.

Gil Pechina

CEO, Wikia.com
Former General Manager, eBay Europe

Alysa is a tremendous resource for both companies and talent.  She has access to highly qualified individuals with proven successes and really understands what early stage companies need. She has an ability to filter and quickly find great matches as a result.

Balz Wyss 

Director of Business Development, Microsoft
Former Director of Business Development, Netscape, Real Networks

Alysa has been a tremendous asset to my business career. She didn’t just got me a new job, but helped me find my dream position by understanding my priorities, listening to my needs, providing honest input and feedback as well as diligently evaluating positions that match my profile, advising and guiding me throughout the entire process of exploring the next phase in my life. Her many years of experience in the industry, her incredible empathy and sense for others , and her fun and easy going style have paid off as many times for me and my business career.

Billy Leung

Head of Product, Startup Advisor

Alysa has been a great partner for my hiring needs. Whenever I need to scale my product team, Alysa would get to understand my needs and the attributes that I seek in a superstar PM. She has done a great job filtering the resumes and phone screening the candidates so I didn’t have to. She is on point, organized, and very fun to work with!

Randy Korba

Founder/Chairman, Collabrys
Former VP of Business Development, Amazon.com

I worked extensively with Alysa during the dot-com boom, when finding talented people was near impossible and everyone with a pulse was flogging themselves as an executive recruiter. In this environment, Alysa was not only the real deal, but was an oasis of calm and competence. She was able to find, screen, cajole and convince qualified applicants during the “any warm body in a seat days”, and over the long haul (nobody every talks of this), these folks more often than not turned out to be true stars and fun people to work with. As a final note, this last piece is non-trivial in any environment, a recruiter is your first, and often last, chance to communicate to an outside party (a candidate or other) who and what the company is about. I cannot  think of anyone that imbues that message better than Alysa did for us.

For specific points, I found her delightfully savvy on technology and well-connected in those circles. Very responsive and accessible, also kept us on track and updated on searches. Both creative and serious, a critical mix and not abusive of time or budget!

John Thibault

Founding VP of Marketing, eBay

As eBay’s first VP of Marketing, I had the good fortune to have been introduced to Interlink Recruiting. Interlink is a boutique recruiting firm that specializes in Internet Start-Ups and the Hi-Tech world in general. There was an immediately recognizable difference between them and the other recruiters I have used over the years. Firstly, they were great to work with, but more importantly, when time was so valuable, they were able to find and present a small highly qualified candidate pool from which we were able to pick the right candidate.

Interlink knows how to evaluate the corporate, management, and candidate personalities, which is such a key element in making a placement work and stick. Additionally, they have a keen sense of the needs of entrepreneurial companies and their special requirements.

Many companies have considered Interlink to have been crucial in their growth and success, and I can say that their efforts were most definitely part of the eBay success.

James Ingalsbe

Web Globalization Manager, Hewlett Packard
Formerly with Livepix, Internet Pictures Corporation (formerly Bamboo.com)

I’ve met and worked with scores of recruiters in my career here in Silicon Valley, and Alysa is, without a question, THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY! She doesn’t simply match the job description to a resume… she digs deeper to understand both the company’s culture and the candidate’s personality and makes matches that are destined to be successful. Alysa is one of those rare recruiters that cares more about building a winning team than earning a placement fee. She is a valuable strategic asset to any growing company who recognizes that the quality of its people is the source of its competitive advantage.

Elisa Turner

Brand Impact IQ

I have worked with many recruiters over the years – Alysa truly stands alone as the only one I have worked with that understands the importance of alignment of values and culture and how they impact performance ! She focuses not just on matching the job description to a resume… but she digs deeper and strives to match the company’s culture to a candidate’s personality, values and heart. Her dedication to making a successful match is truely unique, and extremely rare these days.

Jahan Almazad

Managing Partner, CA Advisors

I worked with Alysa on some challenging initiatives. She is extremely competent and a pleasure to work with as a colleague. Alysa has all the required ingredients to manage difficult tasks, and lead for successful conclusion of those tasks. She is also a very pleasant person, a proactive listener, and someone that I would fully trust to carry challenging assignments.

Karen Auguste

Principal, Purple Lynx
Former Director of MarCom, Sybase, Verity, Asante Technologies

I can confidently and consistently say that the expertise and service that I received from Alysa Binder at Interlink Recruiting far exceeds any other recruiting agency I have worked with. As a well-respected leader in the industry her ability to match the needs of the employer with the skills of the candidate is truly unparalleled. Her approach is not as simple as looking at a job description and comparing it to someone’s resume. It goes far beyond that. Alysa matches the culture of the employer with the personality and values of the candidate. And, when that positive match occurs, only then will the well-qualified, well-suited candidate be presented to the potential employer.

Alysa is extremely responsive, communicative, and knowledgeable. She has high standards, which gives her a strong sense of integrity. She is an intelligent player in the technology field who has worked to staff numerous Silicon Valley companies.

Alysa puts an entirely different spin on recruiting, for both the employer and the candidate. No one in the industry can match her results.