About Alysa

My Story

In the late 1990s, when the Internet was exploding, Alysa Binder, aka Interlink Recruiting was one of the only recruiters at the forefront of the Internet revolution. It was hard to keep up with the demand for talented individuals needed by the myriad of new companies being formed.

eBay was demanding much of her time, and others had heard the success story. As she worked with all these incredible companies, not only were bodies in demand but now new job descriptions were popping up with responsibilities that were not part of the pre-Internet world. The talent that existed had to be married to this new world of job descriptions.

It was a crazy time. She understood the Internet and what her clients were trying to achieve. She eventually pushed resumes to the side and began to focus on understanding her candidates’ underlying talents. Understanding their abilities, and understanding her clients’ needs, meant that she got the right person into the right company. One day, one of her clients blurted out, “Alysa, you are like a Super Recruiter.” and somehow, the word got around, and the moniker was set.

Alysa is proud to have been part of the Internet revolution then and the continuing evolution of technology. Our industry is very exciting and constantly changing. She love being a part of it.

Alysa’s Philosophy

Alysa believe in having a very close working relationship with her hiring managers.  Finding the right talent to ensure the company’s success becomes her focus, not just making placements.

Alysa Binder – Alysa has more than 20 years of experience in founding and managing independent businesses in services and retail. She began her career in the premium incentive industry, responsible for marketing and sales to large corporate customers. After moving to Silicon Valley, she founded Interlink Recruiting and Consulting. Working closely with top tier venture capital and investment firms, her expertise in start-ups  was recruiting management teams and  providing early strategic direction. Her most notable successes include Palm Computing (maker of the Palm Pilot PDA) and eBay. For eBay, she worked directly with Pierre Omidyar  and Jeff Skoll, the founders, to build the first management team, thus laying the groundwork for eBay’s IPO and phenomenal growth. Many other companies recognize Alysa’s contribution to their success (see testimonials).

In 2009, she co-founded Pet Airways. As Chief Development Officer, she was responsible for driving the marketing and PR effort. Her efforts resulted in articles, TV spots, website mentions, and personal interviews worldwide. Pet Airways produced over 5.8M results on Google. In addition, she was responsible for recruiting and managing over 50 employees for the company. In 2010, she was instrumental in taking the company public (OTCBB:PAWS).  Her experience in technology, marketing, public relations, partner marketing, building teams, and general business skills are continually sought after by entrepreneurs and startups for whom she acts as an advisor or consultant.